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I'll write about my life here maybe!

New books and horrible finances (3/25/24)

I went to a biiig bookstore yesterday. I got a present for 'A' ( small tempura cat), and a few books (obviously).

I got

  • Goth (by otsuichi)
  • In the miso soup + Piercing (Ryo Murakami)
  • Umbrella Academy : apocalypse suite (Gerard way + Gabriel Ba)
  • Alice in borderland (Haro Aso)

Im reading goth right now. It's pretty good! I've heard a lot about it on horror lit circles on the web. It's unnerving, but also explores human relationships in an interesting way. Ill probably post a more in depth review once im done :D.

Situations (3/24/24)

Recently, i've had to deal with a situation.It seemed like 'N' was determined to fight. My newest discovery is that difficulties in friendships can show you who people really are. I ended our friendship because it was straining my mental health, and explained that to the best of my ability. 'N' didn't seem to really understand and immediately exploded, lashing out at me. I got upset too. It's been about three weeks since then, and honestly, im glad they blew up at me. It showed me who they truly were as a person. True friends stick with you through hard times.

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